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20th Annual User Conference
September 23-27, 2013

Tcl New and Proven

Rapid and Flexible Programming Since 1989

Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Important Information
Abstracts and proposals due July 22, 2013
Notification to authors Aug 5, 2013
Author materials due September 2, 2013
Tutorials start September 23, 2013
Conference starts September 25, 2013
Email Contact [email protected]

Sponsored by the Tcl Association We are pleased to announce the 20th Annual Tcl/Tk conference (Tcl, New and Proven: 2013), sponsored by The Tcl Association, with help from:
Noumena Corporation , Digital Smarties , SR Technology, Buonacorsi Foundation, Mentor Graphics, and ActiveState .

Special Social Activites

The conference site is located in the historic New Orleans French Quarter. It is just minutes away from world class attractions such as the Aquarium of the Americas, the National World War II Museum, Audubon Zoological Garden, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium and historic Preservation Hall jazz club -- and dozens of world renowned restaurants. See the info page for more details.

Keynote Speaker and Special Guest

Karl Lehenbauer

Our Keynote Speaker is Karl Lehenbauer. Karl has been active with Tcl since the early days and has continued using Tcl and pushing Tcl to be a more useful tool. His need for better systems administration tools led to TclX, with many innovations that later got merged into the Tcl core. His recent work with FlightAware has led to improvements in the Tcl Web tools.

John Ousterhout

Our second special guest is John Ousterhout. John is the man responsible for all of this, starting with his need for a configuration tool in 1987, leading to his paper at Usenix in 1990, and then Tcl's years with UC Berkeley, Sun, Scriptics and Ajuba and finally forming the Tcl Core Team.

We are very pleased to have two of the folks who helped create the Tcl we know today at our 20'th conference.

Invited Talks

  • Tcl: Past, Present and Future
    John Ousterhout will discuss what he did and why and what he'd do different.

  • The (Active)State of Tcl
    Delivered by Tcl/Tk release manager Jeff Hobbs
    Jeff describes where we are now, and where we'll be soon.

Experts who have confirmed attendance

  • John Ousterhout: The inventor of Tcl
  • Karl Lehenbauer: Creator of TclX and more
  • Jeff Hobbs: The Tcl Guy, Lead Developer at ActiveState and more
  • Don Porter: Tcl Core Release Manager
  • Clif Flynt: Author of Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide
  • Gerald Lester: creator of Tcl Web Services
  • Sean Woods: The Hypnotoad Returns...
  • Kevin Kenny: Core Team member
  • Mike Doyle: National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago
  • Tomasz Kosiak: Leader in the Tcl GSoC involvement
  • Donal Fellows: The TclOO expert
  • Andy Goth: Creator of wibble

Jobs Board

There will be a jobs board again. If you are interested in hiring a Tcl/Tk expert or two, or are looking for new engagement, either show up with your announcement ready to tack on the board, or send email to [email protected].


In N'Awlins they take food seriously. The Bourbon-Orleans will be catering the banquet and other food events (breaks, lunches) with their excellent staff. Do not come to this conference to lose weight.

Selected Papers

These papers have been selected to be presented at Tcl-2013.


Online registration is ready now.


The conference will be held at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA , with rooms at US$159/night from Sunday (9/22) -> Thur (9/26).

If you are coming early or staying late, the rates will be
Thursday (9/19) : $159
Fri/Sat (9/20-21) : $209
Fri/Sat (9/27-28) : $209

To register for a room at the conference hotel, you may call them at +1 (866) 513-9744. Ask for In-House Reservations and request the Tcl/Tk Conference Block to get the Tcl/Tk Conference room rate.

The Bourbon-Orleans has extended our block date!
These rooms will be released to the general public after August 31, so be sure to reserve your room early.

The holding period for hotel rooms has passed. To register for a hotel room, send mail to [email protected] and we'll try to help.


Come learn about Tcl from the experts. The tutorials will include both introductory classes for Tcl newcomers and advanced classes where experienced programmers will learn new tricks and techniques.

See the list of tutorials for details.


The schedule is now online here.

To keep in touch with news regarding the conference and Tcl events in general, subscribe to the tcl-announce list.

To join the Tcl 2013 Conference mailing list subscribe to the Google Groups TclConference list.

Other Forms of Participation

For those who are not presenting a paper at the conference, but would like to present their work in some form, we do provide several other forms of participation.

Slots for Works-in-Progress (WIP) presentations and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions (BOFs) are available on a first-come, first-served basis by sending email to [email protected]. Some WIP and BOF time slots will be held open for on-site reservation, so we encourage all attendees with interesting work in progress to consider presenting that work at the conference.

To keep in touch with news regarding the conference and Tcl events in general, subscribe to the tcl-announce list .

Conference Committee

Clif Flynt   Noumena CorpGeneral Chair, Website Admin
Andreas Kupries   ActiveState Software Inc.Program Chair
Gerald Lester   SAP Labs, LLCFacilities Chair
Ron Fox   NSCL/FRIB Michigan State UniversityPublications
Cyndy Lilagan   National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago
Joe Mistachkin   Mistachkin Systems
Brian Griffin   Mentor Graphics
Arjen Markus   Deltares
Mike Doyle   National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago
Donal Fellows   University of Manchester
Jeffrey Hobbs   ActiveState Software Inc.
Steve Landers   Digital Smarties
Kevin Kenny   GE Global Research Center
Larry Virden   Tcl FAQ Maintainer
Steve Redler IV   SR Technology

Contact Information

[email protected]

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Last modified: September 11, 2013