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Tcl/Tk Core Development

The open source Tcl and Tk core are developed by a wide range of people around the world, who contribute new features, improvements, bug fixes, documentation, and more.

The hub of development activity for Tcl, Tk and several related projects is Here you will find the main repository containing Tcl and Tk source code, as well as ticket trackers for registering and resolving bug reports and feature requests.

To ensure that the core continues to evolve in an effective and efficient manner, while respecting the high quality and excellent backwards compatibility that Tcl and Tk are known for, important processes have been put in place.

Tcl Core Team

The Tcl Core Team (TCT) is a group of Tcl experts who collectively manage the development of the open source Tcl core, including the Tcl scripting language, the Tk toolkit, the Tcl Developer Exchange Web site, and more. The Tcl Core Team was formed in August 2000 with an initial membership elected by the Tcl community.

The TCT currently contains the following members:

Mo DeJong, Jos Decoster, Donal Fellows, Alexandre Ferrieux, Brian Griffin, Jeffrey Hobbs, Kevin Kenny, Andreas Kupries, Steve Landers, Jan Nijtmans, Don Porter, Francois Vogel, Kevin Walzer, Marc Culler

Tcl Improvement Proposals

The TCT organizes its activities with Tcl Improvement Proposals (TIPs). Each TIP is a short document that describes a particular project, activity, or process. Anyone can write a TIP; the TIP then gets circulated around the Tcl Core Team for discussion and approval. Here are some useful links related to TIPs:

  • TIP #1: an index of all the existing TIPs (including both approved TIPs and those still under discussion).
  • TIP #0: the Tcl Core Team basic rules: this TIP describes the responsibilities of the Tcl Core Team, how it chooses its members, and how it uses TIPs to make decisions.

Mailing List

The Tcl-Core mailing list archives are available. See the Tcl-Core admin page for information on subscribing, etc.