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Tcl/Tk Tcl/Tk has been distributed freely since approximately 1990, and is now used in thousands of applications by companies and individuals world-wide.

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Selected Tcl-related Software

  • Tcl Dev Kit - debugger, static code analyzer, code obfuscator, executable builder, and more
  • Tcllib - the standard Tcl library
  • Tcl/Tk plugin - the web browser plugin
  • Tcl/Java Project - integrate Tcl and Java using Jacl and Tcl Blend >
  • JTcl, a Tcl interpreter in Java, successor of Jacl
  • TclHttpd - the Tcl Web Server
  • Starkits - a selection of software prepacked in starkit (single file STandalone ARchive) format

Joe English maintains a catalog of selected Tcl/Tk extensions from amongst the many thousands that are available.

Check the community resources to explore many more Tcl tools, extensions, and applications.