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Who owns Tcl?

Tcl is open source. It is not owned by a single entity, but maintained by a large community of developers worldwide. There is a core team that manages the process of improving Tcl over time (to ensure high quality, etc.) but neither that team nor anyone else owns it.

What is the license?

Tcl uses a BSD-style open source license: Tcl/Tk license. Essentially, you can use it in any way you like. Most Tcl and Tk extensions use the same license, but of course, you need to check each one.

Can I use it in commercial applications?

Absolutely. Unlike with some open source licenses, there are no requirements that you make your own code open source, or that you release any changes that you make to Tcl and Tk (though if you'd like to, that's great).

Can I get support? Training?

ActiveState is one of several companies that provide commercial support for Tcl and Tk. They also provide training, as do Noumena and others. Be sure to check the community pages for a wide variety of support resources available in the community.

How long has it been around?

Tcl has been around since about 1988, and Tk since about 1989, and they have both been very actively worked on continuously since then. The Tcl history page provides some history and a bit of a timeline.