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14th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference

September 24-28, 2007

Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Important Information
Abstracts and proposals due June 15, 2007
Notification to authors July 7, 2007
Author materials due September 15, 2007
Tutorials start September 24, 2007
Conference starts September 26, 2007
Email Contact [email protected]

Special Session
The Var reform of 2007 Miguel Sofer paper
Tcl in the Middle Michael Cleverly paper
An ODE solver for Tcl Kevin B. Kenny paper
Using and Providing Web Services in Tcl Gerald Lester paper
Programming Techniques
Symbolic differentiation in Tcl Kevin B. Kenny paper
OO For Tcl Donal Fellows paper
Poet: An OOP Extension to Tcl Philip J. Mercurio paper
12 years of Tcl Tutor Clif_Flynt paper
Architectural Patterns and Solutions William H. Duquette paper
Building an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool: John Hughes paper
Tools for EPICS Control Systems Ron Fox paper
Making Beautiful Graphs with Zplot Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau paper
Xtrace: a high-level extension of Tcl-trace Florian Murr paper
Tcl/Tk Batteries Included Larry McVoy slides
Presenting eti (megawidgets) Axel Nagelschmidt paper
GEB: SQLite in Tcl/Tk in SQLite Gerry Snyder paper
Speedtables: High-Performance, Memory-Resident Database Karl Lehenbauer paper
Tcl Data Interface Framework Sean Deely Woods paper

Conference Committee

Gerald Lester   TicketSwitch USA, LLCFacilities Chair
Clif Flynt   Noumena CorpGeneral Chair
Steve Redler IV   SR TechnologyProgram Chair
Steve Landers   Digital SmartiesProgram Co-chair
Cyndy Lilagan   Eolas Technologies
Kevin Kenny   GE Global Research Center
Jeffrey Hobbs   ActiveState Software Inc.
Richard Suchenwirth   Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services
Andreas Kupries   ActiveState Software Inc.
Ron Fox   NSCL Michigan State University
Donal Fellows   University of Manchester
Larry Virden   Tcl FAQ Maintainer
Mike Doyle   Eolas Technologies

Contact Information

[email protected]