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Who uses Tcl and Tk?

While it's hard to give accurate numbers (it is freely available after all), it's clearly a huge number. It's used worldwide by developers in one man shops to the largest corporations, in governments, universities, research labs, and the parents' basements of inspired open source developers.

It's used by elite hackers, application programmers, system administrators, and scientists. It's used by students who need an easy to learn language for a course, and users of a variety of applications that have embedded Tcl so their users can make changes without needing to know how to program.

Tcl runs the operator interface of a Shell Oil drilling rig, runs the NBC network control system 24x7, has been used to program the Hubble Space Telescope and prototype the Mars Pathfinder, is hiding in every Tivo box and many Oracle products. Don't forget companies like Pixar, Motorola, IBM, Sybase, Nortel, Raytheon...

People in the Tcl community are always amazed by the depth and breadth of uses they find Tcl being put to.

Selected Testimonials

Below are some comments from a small selection of the many companies that rely on Tcl.

"We use a Tcl interpreter in each of the hundreds of back-end host processes that provide services to AOL's Digital City's 3 million monthly visitors. Tcl greatly simplifies the task of configuring these services and managing them remotely. In addition, we are using Tcl to create high performance, completely dynamic, database driven Web sites. Every Web page in the AOL's Digital City network is generated by an embedded Tcl script."
Jim Davidson, Chief Technology Officer
AOL's Digital City, Inc.

"Tcl is the best scripting language for our mission-critical testing environment, bringing us several advantages. Tcl is easy to use, is embeddable and extensible, and has allowed us to automate our testing tasks to a much higher degree than we otherwise could."
Jay Yang, Manager Automated Test Solutions
Cisco Systems, Inc.

"Tcl was chosen because it was the industry standard in the automated test industry. One of our design requirements was that our products be easily integrated into existing automated test environments, which are often very complex. Extensibility and flexibility were two key attributes of Tcl that were key to our decision to use it as an integration platform."
John Astorino, Applications Engineer
GN Nettest

"Tcl meshed naturally with the powerful features of PrimeTime and Formality to produce exceptionally flexible and easy-to-use applications. We see Tcl being used for more and more applications throughout the EDA industry. As this happens, not only will the individual applications become more powerful, but Tcl will provide a unifying platform to increase tool interoperability and integration."
Dr. Ahsan Bootehsaz, Director of R&D
Synopsys Inc.

"As a developer I get instant gratification and can see immediate results since Tcl is interpreted and I don't have to wait for compilation. Tcl also has allowed us to build an easy-to-use, intuitive, and easy-to-maintain graphical user interface for our product. We have received positive customer feedback on our GUI, and I'm looking forward to ongoing development and support with Tcl/Tk!"
Chad Smith, Team Lead, Cellworx GUI Development
ADC Telecommunications

"We needed our web interface on MailShield to be cross-platform (Unix and Windows) and embedded in the application. With Tcl and the TclHttpd web server, we avoided the difficult installation issues that users often experience with CGI programs. Tcl was by far the best platform for the job."
John Buckman, President
Lyris Technologies

"Tcl provides an excellent base since we can add to our test suite by developing our own Tcl extensions. These extensions allow direct Tcl interfaces to new hardware being developed for fully customized coverage testing."
Anita Flegg, Manager of Automated Test Tools
Newbridge Networks