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sysnotify — Creates a notification window with a title and message.


tk sysnotify title message


The tk sysnotify command creates a platform-specific system notification alert. Its intent is to provide a brief, unobtrusive notification to the user by popping up a window that briefly appears in a corner of the screen.


Here is an example of the tk sysnotify code:
tk sysnotify "Alert" "This is just a test of the Tk System Notification Code."


The macOS and Windows versions are native implementations using system API's. The X11 version has a conditional dependency on libnotify, and falls back to a Tcl-only implementation if libnotify is not installed. On each platform the notification includes a platform-specific default image to accompany the text.

The macOS version embeds two separate under-the-hood implementations using different notification APIs. The choice of which one to use depends on which version of the OS is being run and the state of the Tk application code. The newer API, introduced in macOS 10.14, requires that the application accessing the API be code-signed, or the notification will not display. (A self-signed certificate seems to be sufficient.) The older API was deprecated but not removed in macOS 11.0. Tk uses the newer API only for signed applications running on macOS 10.14 or newer. Otherwise it falls back to the older API. A quirk which developers should be aware of is that if an unsigned version of Wish (or an application derived from it) is installed on top of a signed version after the signed version has been registered with System Preferences then neither API will be allowed to show notifications, making Tk's automatic fallback to the older API ineffective. To re-enable notifications the application must be deleted from Apple's System Preferences Notifications section. (There is no removal button, so this is done by selecting the application and pressing the Delete key.)

The image is taken from the systray i.e. a sysnotify can only be called when a systray was installed.


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