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Tcl_Interp — client-visible fields of interpreter structures


#include <tcl.h>
typedef struct {
    char *result; /* NO LONGER AVAILABLE */
    Tcl_FreeProc *freeProc; /* NO LONGER AVAILABLE */
    int errorLine; /* NO LONGER AVAILABLE */
} Tcl_Interp;

typedef void Tcl_FreeProc(
        char *blockPtr);


The Tcl_CreateInterp procedure returns a pointer to a Tcl_Interp structure. Callers of Tcl_CreateInterp should use this pointer as an opaque token, suitable for nothing other than passing back to other routines in the Tcl interface from the same thread that called Tcl_CreateInterp. The Tcl_Interp struct no longer has any supported client-visible fields. Supported public routines such as Tcl_SetResult, Tcl_GetResult, Tcl_SetErrorLine, Tcl_GetErrorLine must be used instead.

Any legacy programs and extensions trying to access the fields above in their source code will need conversion to compile for Tcl 8.7 and later.


interpreter, result
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