October 19 - 23, 2015

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One of the many great reasons to attend the Tcl conference is the tutorials presented by renowned leaders and experts in the Tcl community. They will be sharing with you their knowledge of Tcl/Tk and its extensions, and experience in developing large, versatile and robust applications - information and techniques which will assist you in your day-to-day Tcl programming needs.

Andreas Kupries — Presenter

Andreas is a senior Tcl developer at ActiveState where he continually enhances the ActiveTcl distribution and works on the Tcl Dev Kit component of ASPN Tcl. He's a member of the Tcl Core Team and is the Tcllib release manager. Andreas is also the primary author of more than 25 Tcl modules and extensions, including Trf and Memchan.

As a Tcl expert, Andreas has presented on the topic at international conferences and has published conference papers on niche Tcl topics including "Reflected and Transformed Channels", "Tools for a new generation of Tcl package documentation" and "Experiences with Modularizing the Tcl Core for Better Portability". Andreas works closely with ActiveState customers including Boeing and Cisco to ensure Tcl adds value to their software development projects.

Prior to ActiveState, Andreas developed software for Ingenieurbuero Kisters and Ascom Deutschland GmbH in Germany. He has a Master in Computer Science (Diplom-Informatiker) from the RWTH Aachen.

Andres Buss — Presenter

Andres Buss, although trained in electrical engineering, has been working and developing with Tcl/Tk for the past 20 years (from scripts to program robotics and embedded systems, to server/network monitoring solutions). Currently he is the CEO of Otlet Technologies, a consulting company focused on core-and-networking solutions for businesses. Andres is the author of the TyCL compiler/interpreter.

Andrew Mangogna — Presenter

Andrew Mangogna has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing embedded control systems, many of them with hard real time constraints. He has worked in a variety of application areas ranging from laboratory instrumention to video special effects and implantable medical devices. Andrew has had an abiding interest in more formal techniques of software engineering with the goal of producing software systems of the highest quality in an economically feasible manner. His current efforts are devoted to automating the translation of executable software models into running systems. Andrew has been working with Tcl/Tk since the early 1990's, having ported an early version of Tcl to an embedded target. Now, he uses Tcl as his primary language in supporting embedded target development, developing communications, testing and user interface components.

Brad Harder — Keynote

No biography known

Brian Griffin — Presenter

No biography known

Clif Flynt — Presenter, Tutorial

Clif Flynt has been a professional programmer since 1978, and a Tcl advocate since 1993. His dual interests in programming and teaching have led him to developing both scientific and business software, teaching at Grinnell College and Eastern Michigan University, writing about Tcl/Tk and delivering Tcl/Tk corporate training.

Clif's Tcl projects include TclTutor, a computer based instruction package, The book Tcl/Tk:A Developer's Guide from Morgan Kauffman, and regular Tclsh Spot articles for ;login: magazine.

Donal Fellows — Presenter

No biography known

Donald Porter — Presenter

No biography known

Emmanuel Frecon — Presenter

Dr. Emmanuel Frécon owns his Ph.D. from the IT University of Göteborg. He is French, but has been living in Sweden almost all his adult life. He combines working as a researcher at SICS Swedish ICT with leading the technical work at an e-health company called JoiceCare. He likes working on projects spanning from low-level system architectures, through applications, to user experience. His career has moved from Collaborative Virtual Environments to the Internet of Things.

Gerald Lester — Tutorial

Gerald Lester has been giving tutorials at conferences for over 20 years. Gerald is President of KNG Consulting , LLC. Prior to setting out on his own, he was Directory of Technology at TicketSwitch USA. He had also worked for Computerized Processes Unlimited for over 15 years where he was one of the early adapters of Tcl/Tk and presented a paper at first Tcl/Tk Conference (then called the Tcl/Tk Workshop) about the first "large" Tcl/Tk application (~300,000 lines of Tcl/Tk code). Gerald has been on the Tcl/Tk Conference Committee numerous times and has chaired the conference three times.

Gerald is one of the maintainers for both TclHttpd and TclLib and author of the popular "Web Services for Tcl" package.

Justin M Wozniak — Presenter

Justin M. Wozniak is an Assistant Computer Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and Fellow at the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago. His work focuses on rapidly scaling existing scientific codes to massively parallel supercomputers such as the IBM Blue Gene/Q and Cray XK7. He is the lead researcher of Swift, an implicitly parallel language that eases the construction of highly concurrent programs that call into scripting languages or shell commands.

Kevin Kenny — Presenter

No biography known

Kevin Walzer — Keynote

Kevin Walzer became the maintainer of Tk on Mac OS X in 2011. He has more than a decade of experience developing desktop applications on the Mac with Tk and its language bindings, including Tcl, Python, Perl, and Ruby. He holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Cincinnati and makes his living as an independent publisher and software developer.

Phil Brooks — Presenter

Phil Brooks is the architect for Mentor Graphics' Calibre LVS, a highly scalable electronic design verification tool. He has extensive experience in developing high performance scalable multi-threaded software in C, C++ and Tcl. The Calibre LVS system uses Tcl as a customer extension and calculation language in several areas.

Richard Hipp — Presenter

D. Richard Hipp has developed many Tcl tools including a table widget, html display widget, mkTclApp, and TOBE. He's been a member of the Core Team since its creation.

Richard's latest activities revolve around sqlite and tools like fossil that are developed using sqlite (frequently with Tcl).

Sean Woods — Presenter, Tutorial

Sean Woods has been programming since he was 10 years old. He discovered Tcl/Tk in 1996, and has been programming in it ever since. (If given half a chance.) Along the way he has used Tcl for factory automation, system administration, and web services. He worked at the Franklin Institute Science Museum as their Senior Network Engineer for 10 years. And since 2008 he has been working for Test and Evaluation Solutions, developing the Integrated Recoverability Model.

Sean is a caretaker of lost extensions in the community, occasional bug finder, and font of ideas. He has been presenting at Tcl conferences since 2006. And if you get a few drinks into him, he may just re-stage the presentation that earned him the nickname "The Hypnotoad".

Tcl Community Association — Tutorial

The Tcl Community Association is dedicated to encouraging the use and understanding of the Tcl/Tk language and represents the community of Tcl/Tk users and advocates.

Tcl Community Association activities include:

  1. Running the annual Tcl/Tk Conference in the US.
  2. Hosting The Tcler's Wiki, a vast collection of knowledge, tips of the trade, and discussions.
  3. Hosting the primary Tcl/Tk source code repository
  4. Administering and issuing Tcl/Tk Competence Certificates

Will Duquette — Presenter

Will Duquette is the author of the well-known "Will's Guide to Namespaces and Packages" and "Will's Guide to Object Commands", the Notebook personal wiki application, and the Snit object and widget framework. When not working on Snit, Notebook, and suchlike projects, he's a software engineer responsible for more projects than are easily mentioned.

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