September 14 - 18, 1998

The San Diego Paradise Point Resort
San Diego, California, USA
1404 West Vacation Road, CA 92109-7905
Phone: +1 800 344 2626
Fax: +1 619 581 5924

We are pleased to announce the 6th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (Tcl'1998), managed by Usenix and FlightAware.

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Learn from the experts and share your knowledge. The annual Tcl/Tk conference is the best opportunity to talk with experts and peers, cross-examine the Tcl/Tk core team, learn about what's coming and how to use what's here.

Conference Highlights

  • Tutorials taught by Tcl experts
  • Tcl Certification Exam Details
  • In depth discussions of 8.6 changes and how to take advantage of them
  • Using the Tcl dict, module and OO commands
  • The future of Tcl after 8.6
  • Tcl on mobile devices
  • Best practices in package management, software design, dynamic programming and more
  • Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions
  • Discussion forums with the Tcl/Tk core team
  • Tcl/Tk Social Suite for late night discussions and beverage consumption.

Jobs Board

There will be a jobs board again. If you are interested in hiring a Tcl/Tk expert or two, or are looking for new engagement, either show up with your announcement ready to tack on the board, or send email to [email protected].


Thursday night will see everyone gathered together to chow down and chat. Some variety of amusement will occur after the banquet.

Conference Location

The conference will be held at the The San Diego Paradise Point Resort. More details (including how to book rooms, reach it, etc.) are available at our Location page

Papers and Abstracts

The list of papers and their abstracts will be made available in the schedule section of these pages after the notifications to authors have been sent out, on July 27, 1998.

The papers of previous years are available through the index of North-American Tcl Conferences.

Contact information

[email protected]