TIP #471: Add [info linkedname] Introspection Command

Title:Add [info linkedname] Introspection Command
Version:$Revision: 1.1 $
Author:Mathieu Lafon <mlafon at gmail dot com>
Created:Friday, 05 May 2017


This TIP proposes to improve link variable introspection by providing a new info linkedname command.


This TIP is related to discussions about TIP #457 and the -upvar extended argument specifier. Adding an intropsection command to get the name of the variable linked to is more Tcl-ish than automatically adding a local variable with the linked name. The proposed command is not restricted to TIP #457 usage as this can also be used for a link variable created by other means, using the upvar command for example.

Specification of the Proposed Change

There should be a new subcommand of info created with the following syntax:

info linkedname varname

The varname should be the name of a variable that has been linked to another variable (e.g., with upvar, global, variable or namespace upvar), and the result of the command will be the name of the variable linked to.

Reference Implementation

The reference implementation is available in the info-linkedname [1] branch.

The code is licensed under the BSD license.

Implementation Notes

Depending on the linked variable, the name is found using different methods:


This document has been placed in the public domain.

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