TIP #31: CVS tags in the Tcl and Tk repositories

Title:CVS tags in the Tcl and Tk repositories
Version:$Revision: 1.38 $
Authors: Don Porter <dgp at users dot sourceforge dot net>
miguel sofer <mig at utdt dot edu>
Jeff Hobbs <JeffH at ActiveState dot com>
Kevin Kenny <kennykb at acm dot org>
David Gravereaux <davygrvy at pobox dot com>
Donal K. Fellows <fellowsd at cs dot man dot ac dot uk>
Andreas Kupries <andreas_kupries at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Donal K. Fellows <donal dot k dot fellows at man dot ac dot uk>
dgp at users dot sf dot net
Kevin Kenny <kennykb at acm dot org >
Created:Monday, 12 March 2001


This document keeps a record of the CVS tags used in the Tcl and Tk repositories and their meanings.


CVS uses tags to collectively label a particular set of revisions of a particular set of files. With a tag, one may easily request all the revisions of all the files that correspond to something meaningful, such as an official release of a project.

There are two kinds of tags provided by CVS. First is the release tag that simply marks a set of revisions as belonging together as a unit. Each release of a project should be tagged with a release tag. Other development milestones may also receive a release tag. Release tags are useful for marking any point in development that will be useful to return to or compare against.

The second kind of tag is a branch tag. It does not mark a single revision of a file, but an entire branch of development of a file. Branch tags are the means by which different working directories can track different branches of development.

A tag may be used in a CVS repository only once, so we must keep track of what tags have already been used, and what they mean. The remaining sections of this TIP record the tags in use. This TIP should be kept up to date by adding any new tags here as they are added to the CVS repository.

Release Tags

The following tags in the Tcl and Tk CVS repositories correspond to the following releases of Tcl/Tk:

Branch Tags - Official Development

The following branch tags label branches of development from which releases of Tcl/Tk are generated:

Branch Tags - Features

The following branch tags label branches on which features are being developed and tested. No releases of Tcl/Tk will be spawned from these branches. As the features mature, they will be merged onto the HEAD branch, or they may be rejected.

Dead Branches

The following branch tags label branches that are no longer being developed. Some are old official branches from which releases are no longer being spawned. Others are feature development branches that have been merged into an official branch, or rejected.


This document has been placed in the public domain.

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