TIP #231: Support for [wm attributes] on X11

Title:Support for [wm attributes] on X11
Version:$Revision: 1.7 $
Author:Joe English <jenglish at flightlab dot com>
Created:Saturday, 06 November 2004


This TIP adds three UNIX/X11-specific attributes to the wm attributes command to take advantage of features newer Unix window manager control standards.


This TIP proposes to add support for the following window attributes under X11 in the wm attributes command:


Under X11, the -fullscreen, -topmost, and -zoomed attributes require cooperation from the window manager. If the window manager does not support these attributes, setting them will have no effect. In particular, they are not supported by older window managers like MWM and DTWM.

Under X11, the wm attributes command operates asynchronously: [wm attributes -attribute] returns the current value of the attribute, which will not be the same as the value most recently set if the window manager has not yet processed the request or if it does not support the attribute.

Reference Implementation

See patch #1062022 [1] which is based on the freedesktop.org Extended Window Manager Hints specification [2].


This document has been placed in the public domain.

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