TIP #209: Add [clock milliseconds], and [clock microseconds]

Title:Add [clock milliseconds], and [clock microseconds]
Version:$Revision: 1.5 $
Author:Reinhard Max <max at tclers dot tk>
Created:Monday, 12 July 2004
Keywords:clock, milliseconds, microseconds


This TIP proposes to replace clock clicks -milliseconds by clock milliseconds and clock clicks -microseconds by clock microseconds.

Proposed change

  1. Rename the clock clicks -microseconds command as defined by TIP #124 to clock microseconds.

  2. Deprecate clock clicks -milliseconds, and make it's functionality as defined by TIP #124 available as clock milliseconds.


In the author's understanding, the whole purpose of the clock clicks name was to indicate that the returned value is neither absolute nor guaranteed to have the same unit on different platforms. With the changes of TIP #124 in place both cases are not true anymore. Therefore the commands to return absolute timestamps with millisecond and microsecond resolution should be on the same level as clock seconds rather than being switches to clock clicks.

The -microseconds option can be removed from clock clicks immediately, because it never has been part of an official Tcl release while -milliseconds has to be kept at least until the next major release for backwards compatibility.

Reference Implementation

A reference implementation has been added to the Tcl patch tracker at SourceForge, item #991742 .


This document has been placed in the public domain.

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