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Tcl/Tk Platform Support

Known Compatible Tcl/Tk Platforms

Here we list some common platforms that we know Tcl and Tk work with, either first hand or via reliable reports. Where known, the compilers are also listed. Tcl/Tk will compile on most Unix-like OSes, and there have been ports to less common platforms (especially just Tcl) that have been supported by the community that are available in the Tcl FAQ. The various UNIX-like systems listed below appear in the configure scripts used when compiling Tcl/Tk.

Tcl/Tk does require an ANSI C C89 compatible compiler. If you have trouble building Tcl/Tk your system, please file a bug.

This list is just a subset of what Tcl's autoconf script can handle. The configure process is very general and works with a wider array of platforms than those listed here. If you need to adjust our configure scripts for your platform, please submit your fixes to us so we can incorporate them into our standard configure scripts.

Platform Compiler Binaries (where available)
Windows 9x or NT-based
(8.5 no longer supports 9x)
MSVC 6+ or mingw-gccActiveState
Mac OS X 10.2+gcc/XcodeActiveState
SolarisSunPro cc or gccActiveState
HP-UX 11cc or gccActiveState
AIX 5IBM cc (xlc)
use cc_r with --enable-threads
BSD (NetBSD, FreeBSD, ...)gccsources
OpenVMSHP (DEC) CAlexey Chupahin
IRIX 5+SGI cc, or gcc 2.95+sources
SCO Unixcc or gccsources
UnixWare 5ccsources

Supported Tcl/Tk Platforms

ActiveState supports Tcl/Tk on many common platform. On our supported platforms we provide binaries and ActiveTcl Enterprise support for Tcl/Tk. Enterprise support is available for custom platforms as well.

ActiveState regularly tests new releases on these platforms, so we have maximum confidence that Tcl and Tk work there.