TIP #34 Version 1.1: TEA 2.0

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Title:TEA 2.0
Version:$Revision: 1.1 $
Author:Mo DeJong <mdejong at cygnus dot com>
Created:Thursday, 03 May 2001


The original TEA specification, documentation, and implementation have fallen out of date. Numerous complaints about the difficulty of creating a TEA compliant package have appeared on news:comp.lang.tcl The existing build system works but it is a pain to maintain mostly because there are two build systems, one for unix and another for windows. This document describes how some of these concerns can be addressed.


As new software is released, existing documentation becomes obsolete. Some of the existing TEA documentation is now so badly out of date that suggested software releases are no longer available. The solution to this problem is simple, the TEA documentation and implementation must be updated.

The build system itself is in need of an update. The Unix and Windows versions of the build system are not synchronized. There are a number of features that are simply not implemented in the Windows version. The most straightforward wa